body. building. places. solo

Photos © Rudi Kern

body. building. places. solo

body. building. places. solo

a choreographic hybrid for architecture and one body

in that solo performance i define my body as a building site, a body under construction and deconstruction work. some deeply experienced passages through megacity-environments are inscribed as memories in my body who now exposes himself to simulate, analyse and transform them with a silent sense of humour and within clear defined physical and space-territories into a personal body-building-landscape. permanently that body changes, shifts between the building sites, testing his raw materials, publishes results, crosses interfaces between organs, bones, skin, fabric and space and therefore experiences a continuous manufacturing process. will it be possible at the end to add a new construction work to it, a new body-building or will the site be left as a white empty space screen for other material projections?

“each something is a celebration of the nothing that supports it.”
john cage

Concept, Performance: Georg Blaschke
Light design: Peter Thalhamer
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Length: 25 Minutes
Production: Atti Impuri Kulturverein, 2007

Kindly supported by:
Optiker Jäckel
Thanx! to Chris Haring, Elio Gervasi

Performances 2007–2008:
Tanzquartier Vienna
tanz ist Festival Dornbirn
tanz_house Festival Salzburg
International Dance Conference Bytom, Poland
Bedroom Rotterdam
Classroom Baden
Kultuzentrum Minoriten Graz
OHO Offenes Haus Oberwart