I don't remember this body

Photo © Jan Machacek
Photo © Raffaela Gras/Gallery Jünger/Exhibition: Rudolf Goessl
Photo © Jan Machacek
Photo © Jan Machacek
Photo © Jan Machacek
Photo © Jan Machacek

I don't remember this body

I don’t remember this body

Performance and Video Installation by Georg Blaschke and Jan Machacek

In the first collaboration of the Viennese choreographer Georg Blaschke with the media artist Jan Machacek, video art and choreography morph into a performative dialogue.
The main composition principles are loops and repetitions of movement sequences used to scan, measure and alienate both the familiar body and the familiar space. The interweaving of physical action with video images plays with phenomena of recognition, recollection, and re-interpretation of physical presence. The eye of the video-artist engaged with the physical experience and the projection of recorded images, which in turn instigated the performer to question the continuity of one’s own body.
Both artists are interested in the specific moment when borders are reached within their own medium and the ways, in which these boundaries initiate a response from the other.

For the opening of the new location of brut @ Zieglergasse in the 7th district of Vienna Blaschke, Machacek and their artistic team have createtd a completely new version of that collaboration.

Choreography and Performance: Georg Blaschke
Video and Editing: Jan Machacek
Programming and Sound: Oliver Stotz
Light Design: Sabine Wiesenbauer
Machine: Chris Janka
Production Management: Raffaela Gras
A Production of M.A.P. Vienna Movement Art Programmes 2017, kindly supported by  the Municipal Department for Cultural Affairs of the City of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery, Division Arts and Culture

Performances 2017:
March 30, Gallery Jünger Vienna in the frame of the exhibition of Rudolf Goessl (Premiere)
April 2, House of Butterflies Vienna in the frame of the exhibition dedicated Maria Sibylla Merian 
April 21, Gallery Jünger in the frame of the exhibition of Rudolf Goessl
July 28, Lange Nacht des Tanzes Bleiburg (2 Performances)
Performances 2018:
26, 18th Performance Days Salzburg
April 26, 27 and 28, brut @ Zieglergasse Vienna