Photos © Laurent Ziegler


The Bosch Experience part III


This solo sums up Georg’s 2-year involvement with The Last Judgement by Hieronymus Bosch. Stains takes into account the various details of the icons as well as the inherent choreographic potential of the painting: it attempts to leave behind traces of the relationships between picture and choreographic gestures understood as catalysts for drama and significant images. The body is acknowledged as an instrument of arrival, memory and progression. The choreographic method defines itself as a process of exposing and clarifying the necessary gestural references and their orientations in the space.

Painted half a millennium ago, The Last Judgement is for me a loud image that is not only an outcry because of the multitude of tortured figures, paradoxically depicted expressionless, but rather because of the excessive thickness of simultaneous events, which can hardly be enclosed and held by the retable. Everything urges. – A visionary kaleidoscope of world’s condition – past and present – that provides us with specific information about the perverted relationship of men towards their own bodies and the bodies of others. 

Choreography and Performance: Georg Blaschke
Costume: Hanna Hollmann
Assistance of the Costume Designer: Ursula Riedrich
Sound Editing: Christian Schröder
Light Design: Roman Harrer
Documentation: Angela Heide
Management and PR: Claire Granier
Length: 45 min

„Epitaph“, King Crimson, Album: „In the Court of the Crimson King“
„Suite N° 3 in A-Moll für Laute“ / Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 995: „IV. Sarabande“, interpretiert von John Williams und Jason Vieaux
„Salterello“ / The Dufay Collective, Album:
„A L’Estampida – Medieval Dance Music“

A production of M.A.P. Vienna 2015 in Cooperation with the Paintings Gallery of the Acadeny of Fine Arts in Vienna
Kindly supported by:
Stadt Wien MA7 Kultur
ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival
D.ID Dance Identity