Photo © Laurent Ziegler

Georg Blaschke lives in Vienna and works as a freelance choreographer, producer, dancer and pedagogue in Austria and abroad. His activities as dance lecturer in the fields of contemporary dance technique, movement research, improvisation and choreography have been taking place in the frame of internationally renowned festivals, universities and training workshops.

Georg Blaschke was born in Vienna in 1965. During his studies in mathematics and philosophy he trained in dance and physical theatre. He graduated in 1991. Until 2001 he was touring as a dancer and performer internationally mainly with French choreographer Jean-Yves Ginoux and the Austrian avant-guardists Pilottanzt.
Georg enlarged his spectrum of physical knowledge through different somatic practices, mainly those of Release Technique, Yoga and the Feldenkrais Method. Subsequently he started developing his own choreographic language and has presented it as freelance producer successfully in various formats of collaborations.
The current choreographic research interrelates this language with phenomenological considerations about sculpture, space and organic landscapes, starting from the body in motion.

Georg’s works often provoke intense emotional as well as narrative associations in the audience. This fact may underline the potential of an archetypical approach to choreographic practice. A pure gesture can initiate a complex process with unpredictable expressive power and compositional options.


To choose movement as an artistic practice and to follow that practice often demands a readiness to adapt, reorient and question myself. This readiness constitutes an existential, sometimes precarious drive. The process of realising an idea, a vision including at the same time organisational, technical and financial necessities and obligations represents a fascinating as well as challenging practice. Closeness or distance to language as an instrument to describe, justify and evaluate a primarily non-verbal form of expression often places me into a kind of balancing act. I am experiencing this act as driven by curiosity and desire.

As an artist of the ephemeral I am trying to get hold of a quality, an essence that stays. What stays is the desire to grasp time that makes me approach the tangible again and again.