On the platform with my father

Photos © Georg Eckmayr

On the platform with my father

On the platform with my father

Movement, Jazz and Memory

This personal work is an attempt at recollecting childhood’s memories and forgotten movement’s patterns as well as reconstructing physical relationships between the artist and his father. The bodily articulation and its recesses contextualises this inventory and refer it to their actual correspondences with space. The original material consists of found Super 8 mm silent film material and particularly the music from this era.
The visual artist Stephanie Rauch accompanies the process from the very first and executes for the performance an installation that enables the abstraction of the biographic content. The choreographic threads follow the principles of layering and un-layering within the material as the body unfolds and reveals itself in a space that could be rearranged. In the English language the term “Platform” is a synonym for the place reserved to childhood’s memories, departure and leaving behind. It also refers to the ground where one arrives at, the same ground on which to stand today in front of an audience.
As music the artist chose some original Jazz recordings from the collection of his father.

Idea, Research and Performance: Georg Blaschke
Space and Objects: Stephanie Rauch
Silent Movie: Georg Blaschke / Source: Franz Blaschke, Film Archiv Austria
Music: Erroll Garner, Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson
Lightdesign: Peter Thalhamer
PR: Elisabeth Drucker
Assistance: Claire Granier
Length: 50 minutes
Production: M. A. P. Vienna, 2012

Erroll Garner: “Pastel”, “All of Me”, “What is this Thing Called Love?”, “How High the Moon”, “She’s Funny that Way”
Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson: “You Go to My Head”, “Just One of Those Things”

Performances 2012:
Performtanztage Salzburg
Studio Liquid Loft
Festival Österreich tanzt St. Pölten
Kabelwerk Wien

Kindly supported by:
Stadt Wien MA 7 Kultur
D.ID Dance-Identity
Film Archiv Austria
Thanks to Ulrich Troyer