Sehend schreiben, schreibend sehen

Personal report on the process of documentation of The Bosch Experience part II and III by Dr. Angela Heide (in German)

A Conversation with Georg Blaschke about The Bosch Experience


Programme The Bosch Experience

Choreography and Iconoclasm
Documentation and download of the same-titled project.

Exhibition Catalogue Gras

A photo installation of Georg Blaschke and Laurent Ziegler
Documentation and download of the same-titled work.

Somatic Soundtracks

CD-Edition and Digital Download
Musician Ulrich Troyer meets choreographer Georg Blaschke.

A Conversation with Georg Blaschke

Choreography and the Feldenkrais Method
A dancer und his choreographer in a talk about essentials of an artistic practice.

literary squabbels

A film by Georg Blaschke and Daniel Zimmermann
Two men remember the central perspective. Short cinematic episodes, performed and filmed in the Silesian Voivodeship.

Anda’s dream

A film by Georg Blaschke, Amanda Piña and Daniel Zimmermann
Produced at the Lentos Kunstmuseum and the Haus der Geschichten during I like to move, it move it – the big school project from Linz09 Cultural Capital.