Giotto's Corridor

Image © Jan Machacek
Photo © Christine Miess
Photo @ Christine Miess

Giotto's Corridor

Giotto’s Corridor

Dance Performance and Video Installation

Vanishing point, body, depth distortion. Three dancers enter Giotto’s Corridor in the most recent project of Viennese choreographer Georg Blaschke and media artist Jan Machacek. They arrive at an elusive refuge, where spatial structures and bodies overlap, and the rules of perspective appear to dissolve again and again. Giotto’s Corridor is inspired by the ground-breaking oeuvre of Italian painter Giotto, who paved the way for spatial perspective in painting and remains a major influence on our art and perception to date.

Giotto di Bondone (c.1276–1337) revolutionised the art of his time by overcoming two-dimensional representation. He experimented with foreshortening landscapes and buildings and gave his human bodies plasticity; his novel way of depiction informed not only Renaissance painting, but also our western view of the world. Seeing as the mathematical axioms of projective geometry had not been developed during his age, Giotto worked with a “provisional perspective” that sometimes leads into a world of illogical perspectives.

How does distorted depth perception effect the body, body portrayal, and the dramaturgy of bodies? To answer this question, Georg Blaschke and Jan Machacek in Giotto’s Corridor create new kinds of design principles at the intersection of physical performance and video-based intervention. Their signature projection technique draws on the motif of “false” spatial perspectives in Giotto and manipulates the spatial co-ordinates and the usual depth perception, thereby allowing spectators to delve into a razzle-dazzle both visual and choreographic in nature.

Artistic lead and conception Georg Blaschke
Media art Jan Machacek
Choreography and performance Martina De Dominicis, Eva-Maria Schaller, Evandro Pedroni 
Set and costume design
Hanna Hollmann  
Light design Bartek Kubiak 
Music editing Christian Schröder 
Music by Christian Schröder, Jozef Van Wissem, John Zorn
Video programming Oliver Stotz 
Production M.A.P. Vienna/Raffaela Gras

A co-production by M.A.P. Vienna – Movement Art Programmes and brut Wien, with the kind support of the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport.