I like to move it, move it

Photos © Elena Hajek

I like to move it, move it

I like to move it, move it

The big school project of Linz09 Cultural Capital

In the frame of I like to move it, move it – the big school project of Linz09 Cultural Capital – Georg Blaschke and Amanda Piña worked with pupils of two schools in Upper Austria during a period of eight weeks on movement and dance. The results were shown April 30, 2009 at the Spinnerei Traun. The artists dedicated the evening to all those with openness and love for movement.


O. T. M. – Original Trauner Moves, inspired by movement donations of people from the local area
Participants: Pupils of the Musikhauptschule Traun
Music: Supatone
Coaching: Isolde Schobesberger, Cornelia Wögerbauer
Length: 25 minutes

O. T. M. – Rap
Participants: Pupils of the Musikhauptschule Traun
Rehearsal: Isolde Schobesberger
Based on our Original Trauner Moves
Music: Felix Janosa
Length: 4 minutes


Anda’s Dream Performance to the film
Participants: Pupils of the BRG Linz, Hamerlingstraße
Music: The Maxwell Implosion
Coaching: Anita Döllerer, Inga Renezeder
Length: 15 minutes

Physical stories and images of installations and spaces have inspired us to develop choreographies for a performance as well as a script for the making of a film.

Anda’s Dream – Film Premiere
A film by Georg Blaschke, Amanda Piña and Daniel Zimmermann
Length: 20 minutes

Artistic Direction: Georg Blaschke, Amanda Piña
Assistance: Elena Hajek
Light and Sound: Tom Szabo
Support: Simon Wieser
Ideas, Choreographies, Movement Materialsl and Performance:
Denise Grünberger, Nadine Hinterhölzl, Elisabeth Kirchmair, Aleksandra Lisica, Michelle Mandl, Nina Richtsfeld, Sissy Sacher, Lavinia Saroni, Niklas Scheinert, Lukas Schnabl, Natalie Schöfecker, Tuba Topal, Jakob Tuttner, Sophie Weber, Magdalena Zwirlein, Christina Bauer, Maximilian Binder, Madelein Chea, Verena Enzenhofer, Katharina Ghamarian, Julia Glass, Ruth Heckmann, Barbara Hoffmann, Philip Jungmaier, Eva Kehrer, Christine Lettmayr, Michael Limberger, Isabella Lorenzoni, Daniela Moosbauer, Anna Neumann, Alexandra Pappas, Christina Pillmair, Theresa Pöschl, Elisabeth Pree, Anda Radojcic, Roman Schütz, Linda Schützenhofer, Sophie Solimann, Simon Stockinger, Daniela Vollert

Kindly supported by Linz09 and its sponsors.

We especially want to thank the teachers Anita Döllerer, Inga Renezeder, Isolde Schobesberger and Cornelia Wögerbauer for their great support and commitment to the project.
And Thanks to: Guido Reimitz, Margit Moisl, Brigitte Brunner, Erwin Dorn, Elisabeth Drucker, Erika Gressenbauer