Performance and CinemaSessions

Photos © Filmarchiv Austria

Performance and CinemaSessions

Performance and CinemaSessions

Masculinity in Performance and Silent Movies

Four evenings with Live Sound about masculinity in Performance and Silent Movies.


1. ensemble in danger! — a male performance ritual by Georg Blaschke and Robert Steijn
Soundtrack & Live-Dub: Ulrich Troyer
Feldenkrais Training: Sascha Krausneker
Length: 60 minutes
Two friends meet on a 4 m × 4 m platform similar to a boxing ring to establish a male ritual based on their friendship a well as on their different approaches to stage presence. At several points along the process they meet together with sound designer Ulrich Troyer and developed a performance, which gives space equally for impulses of bodies, words and sounds within a sensual dramaturgy of poetry and surrender.

2. At John’s waterfall at the Radstätter Tauern in Winter (A, 1917) — Silent Movie
Live Sound: Florian Kmet
Length: 10 minutes
Amongst contemporary film critics this Austrian short film from 1917 is considered as a “highly interesting and magnificent take of the ascent until the glacier and the ice grotto.”
Thanks to early coloring treatments (red virages and blue tinting) this natural event still shines in brilliant colors even on screens.

3. Speak to him — A Mountain Monologue by Robert Steijn, based on a collaboration with the Theater im Bahnhof, Graz Premiere: Regionale 2010
Length: 8 minutes

4. The ascent of the Großvenediger, starting at Krimml (A, 1928) — Silent Movie
Live Sound: Florian Kmet
Length: 8 minutes
Enacted masculinity. At first the “lonesome daredevil” speeds across the idyllic villages on his motor bike, subsequently he walks on easy pace from the valley directly upwards to the peak of the mountain Großvenediger (Alps of Austria).

5. Somatic Script – preview
First version of the choreographic research 2011 by Georg Blaschke.
Research and Performance: Heide Kinzelhofer and Petr Ochvat
Soundtrack: Ulrich Troyer
Feldenkrais Training: Sascha Krausneker
One female and one male performer re-construct personal somatic memories of their own movement development and give them a clear spatial orientation. Contact and touch lead to a choreographic context that is motivated by essential physical impulses – like fear reactions, moments of falling, of being lifted, carried and embraced, moments of wanting to fly and to hide, to be alone … These components define a script of non-verbal dramatic and comic constellations.

6. Die Würghand (A, 1920) — Silent Movie and DVD-Presentation
Die Würghand – premiered successfully at the Viennale Filmfestival 2010 – is presented with the fulminant Live Soundtrack by Juergen Berlakovich and Ulrich Troyer. This session is originally part of the series “CinemaSessions” of the Filmarchiv Austria, which produced a series of DVDs including Die Würghand.
Duration: 69 minutes

Artistic Direction: Georg Blaschke
Curator Silent Movies: Karl Wratschko – Filmarchiv Austria
Video Technique Silent Movies: Erich Loibner
Coordination and PR: Elisabeth Drucker
Technical Direction and Light Design: Peter Thalhamer
Dates: April 12–16, 2011
A Coproduction of M. A. P. Vienna and Filmarchiv Austria

Kindly supported by:
Stadt Wien MA 7 Kultur
WUK Vienna
Viennale Filmfestival
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