Your Dancer

Photos © Georg Blaschke

Your Dancer

Your Dancer

A somatic portrait of Liz King

In 2010 Liz King, 62 year old dancer, choreographer and pioneer of the Austrian dance scene with an eventful history, asked Georg Blaschke to create a solo for her. Numerous conversations, interviews and the collecting of documentary material allow the biographical positioning of a personality who has experienced the whole gamut of exposure to the public as a female artist.

The public persona Liz King is juxtaposed by an intimate and sensitive private space.
Rehearsal room: the body as a memories’ storage of dance technique, lived motherhood and somatic transformation processes. Georg Blaschke remains close to this body rendering a new interpretation of articulation and spatial tendencies to consider the body as an actual and essential happening. The choreographic structure follows the logics of self-awareness as a tool of differentiation for movement and its representation in space.

“Accomplishment: to make works in the face of the void to gain form, identity.”
Jim Morrison

Idea and Concept: Liz King and Georg Blaschke
Choreographic Direction: Georg Blaschke
Choreography and Performance: Liz King
Light Design: Peter Thalhamer
Soundtrack: Ulrich Troyer
PR and Office: Elisabeth Drucker
Length: 30 minutes
Production: D.ID Dance Identity and M. A. P. Vienna, 2010

Performances 2010–2012:
5. Burgenländische Tanztage, OHO Offenes Haus Oberwart
Festival Österreich tanzt, St. Pölten
Festival tanz ist, Dornbirn
An Austrian Dance Evening, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv
Odeon Theatre Wien
Choreographic Platform Austria, ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

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